The iCue is a revolutionary device that can launch, steer, and direct customers to anywhere in the world wide web that you might want them to go. Each iCue carries a unique identifier – each time an iCue is plugged in the iCue servers can identify and send the iCue to any web address. This could be a website, a cloud space, streaming media, communications portal, FTP site, anywhere.

iCue never gets old. They can be reprogrammed at any time!

Now the FUN – with a few simple clicks in the iCue management portal – the destination can be changed. iCues handed out yesterday, last week, or even last year can be reprogrammed and pointed to new destinations. The destination can be changed any time and as often as needed. Even more exciting – all, some, or even individual iCues can be reprogrammed. Launch – plug an iCue in and you are taken someplace in the world wide web.

Steer – reprogram iCue after they are in the field and change the destination.

Direct – identify and select individual or groups of iCues and send them to different locations!

Imagine the possibilities – The iCue never gets old. Today the iCue can take the user to your home page, tomorrow to an online coupon.

Hold contests, offer incentives, educate customers, – heck you can even identify the users in specific areas and direct them to information about events in their area while the remaining iCue users are given different information. The only limit – is your imagination.